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King George and Kaiser Bill did call
For men to stand up and be proud and tall
The volunteers queued all day
Not really knowing ahead what lay?

The crowds cheered and gave a wave
As the soldiers marched past feeling so brave
Marching off to war they went
Like lambs to the slaughter they were sent

Back at HQ the Generals stood
Hardly ever going near the mud
From Gallipoli in the east to the Somme in the west
They sent the orders out because they knew best

To fight a war on foreign soil
Every day giving blood, sweat, tears and toil
Waiting in the trenches full of mud
To be sent to no man’s land to spill their blood

And then the day finally came
When Kaiser Bill at last took the blame
The orders were sent out to end the kill
Then at the eleventh hour the guns lay still

The war to end all wars they said
Four and a half years and over eight and a half million dead
World War One ended that day
Not knowing that World War Two ahead still lay

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Year’s ago in days gone by
Glascote had a mine so deep
The miners with their picks would lie
Digging coal to earn their keep

Up before dawn with the sky still dark
Setting off each working day
Too early to hear the sound of the lark
Few street lights to guide the way

From all over Tamworth and beyond they came
Like brothers in arms they met at the head
All different but there for the same
To dig, dig, and dig down to the coal bed

In Sheepcote Lane the pit spinning wheel did sit
While below the men worked so hard
Toiling down in the deep dark pit
To get the coal back to the yard

The coal was sent by train and barge
To Birmingham and Derby and further a field
To power the factories so large
Helping to build and increase the yield

But today the mine is gone
No sign to show the pit was here
Just roads called Kirtly and Caledonian
With children playing full of cheer

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Elland Road the home of legends
Heroes playing in the all white kit
Bremner, Charles, Charlton and Giles
Lorimer, Hunter, Clarke and Jones
Curry, Cherry, Strachan and Batty

Cheered on by the Kop, West, East and South stand
Cold wet nights and sunny days
Watching the team win, draw and loose
European games v Celtic and Rangers and Madrid and Milan

Marching on Together winning trophies
League titles, FA, League and Euro Cups
Boys in the ground applauding the team
Then growing up and playing on the pitch

From Revie to Grayson they’ve come and gone
Ex players and star names all had a go
Up and down the club has gone
The only thing that’s stayed the same

The name on the badge Leeds United!

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Spring, summer, autumn and winter
Four seasons come and go
Sun and snow and wind and rain
Tee-shirts and shorts and big thick coats
To stay cool and keep warm

Time to say goodbye to the old
Animals coming out of hibernation
Sowing seeds and planting bulbs
April showers to make them grow
May poll dancing with fresh flowers

Hot days and nights to top up the tan
Watch the blossoms bloom
And cut the grass to keep it low
Eating strawberries and cream
With Wimbledon and the cricket on TV

Reap the harvest and thank the lord
The leaves turn brown and fall to the ground
Halloween parties trick or treat
Bonfires, fireworks and penny for the guy
Animals hide away to sleep

Sleigh bells ring with Christmas joy
Snow topped roofs and toboggan rides
Fighting the crowds in January sales
Buying hats and scarves to keep us warm
Flour and eggs and pancake races

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It’s Christmas time
Hear the bells chime
On Santa’s sleigh
As he’s on the way

The reindeer pull
Many sacks so full
Full of games and toys
For the girls and boys

There’s not a peep
As the whole world sleeps
Then the night goes away
And it’s Christmas day

The big day is here
Children full of cheer
Lots of kisses for mum and dad
Everybody happy everybody glad

A toy car for Ben
And a doll for Jen
Mum got smellies
And Dad got some wellies

Now it’s time to eat
Dad goes to carve to meat
The family’s sat ready to dine
And mum has a sip of wine

Now the meal is over
It is time to feed Rover
Left over turkey meat
A dog’s dinner treat

Mum and Dad are having a gin
While the kids put the rubbish in the bin
Granny’s eating a chewy bonbon
Because most of the chocolate has already gone

Time for Dad to have a one last beer
Christmas day is over for another year
He’s sat in the chair face all red
The kids are going off to bed

Just one more day to go
One more day of ho ho ho
Eat drink and be merry on Boxing Day
Because work is on the way
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Ancient castle standing on the hill
Full of history and memories
Dark corridors and candlelight rooms
Where the ghost of the White Lady
Wanders silently and alone

Blooming flowerbeds by the steps
Bandstand above with park benches
And cannons pointing to the river
Tennis courts by the kids play ground
Indoor ski slope with a pool and gym

Bowl away on crown green or ten-pin alley
Stroll around the castle grounds
Feed the ducks on the river
Picnic on the grass
With a drink from the café

Sir Robert Peel’s statue
Standing proud by the town hall
Surrounded by shops and banks
And on Tuesdays and Saturdays
Busy market stalls full of bargains

St. Editha’s church in the centre
Market Square in front
And behind stands the library
Inside the church pews to pray on
And double staircase to the tower

High rise flats by the river
Railway arches carry trains to and fro
More shops on the edge of town
Tamworth FC at the Lamb
And traffic islands to drive around

Old and new side-by-side
Small market town that’s grown and grown
Golf course on the boundary
Businesses making a base
In Tamworth my hometown!

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Walking the streets
Knocking on doors
Delivering the party leaflets
Saying Vote for Me

On the day of the vote
Driving around
Megaphone in hand
Rosette in place

At the end of the night
Counting the votes
Waiting patiently
To see if it’s been a success

The lights do down
The room goes hush
The Town Clerk steps up
To read the result

All on the stage
Standing in a line
Arm round the wife
Here is the result

In last place, that bloke with the silly hat
His friends cheer and he gives a wave
Next, wasn’t she a councillor before she swapped sides
No cheer for her or smile in return

Second place to
The bloke who has stood ten times now
But still not won
Always the bridesmaid never the bride

The winner is
A great big smile
A wave of the hand
Yes he’s back in again

Its 3am and now it is over
So off to bed
To grab some sleep
And dream of what might have been

Then up the next day
Walking the streets
Knocking on doors
Delivering the leaflets
Saying Vote for Me

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